Monday, February 4, 2013


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Aw man, it happened to me today.  *sigh*  You'd think by now my snooker radar would be highly developed, but today I let my guard down and once again one of my kids got me.

Last night while driving to my folks house for Sunday dinner, the conversation turned toward school lunches.  The girls were all talking about how the "sauce pie" type pizza that the elementary school served was their favorite hot lunch to eat.  And, as this is all going along Spencer starts complaining about how he has never had hot lunch at school (true) and how it wasn't fair, blah blah blah.  I don't let my kids have hot lunch.  The girls have only had it a few times each because they had been lunch workers in 5th grade and had earned a free lunch.  I am not a fan of hot lunches and think they are not a healthy meal option for my kiddos.  Just one of my things really.  Plus they are pretty expensive in my opinion ($2.75).  So during this conversation Spencer starts saying declarative sentences like "I will have hot lunch or else!"  and "My life is so rotten since I've never had hot lunch".  But, then we got to Grannie and Papa's house and the lunch thing was forgotten as we enjoyed hanging out with the fam.

Fast forward to today:  I packed and placed Spencer's lunch this morning inside his backpack.  I distinctly remember doing this (juice box, string cheese, wheat thins, yogurt- he won't eat sandwiches).  So, this morning at 11:45 I unexpectedly get a harried phone call from him at school telling me that he can't find his lunch.  I'm like, what?  There is no way possible that could be true because I have a distinct memory of packing it and putting it in his backpack.  So, I tell him to go back to his backpack and look through each pocket and then call me back.  Five minutes later I get another call from him telling me it is not there.  At this point I should have put on my thinking cap and remembered yesterdays conversation in the car, but I didn't.  I believed him.  I actually thought that maybe another kid had "accidentally" take his lunch to eat and left Spencer empty handed.  I don't know!  I was just really flummoxed and wanted him to figure it out.  So, I tell him to hold tight and I would run something up to him (hot lunch never entered my brain at this point).  So, a few minutes later I get to the school and meet the school secretary in the hall and tell her I've got his lunch.  She then tells me that since time had been running so short by that point she had just told Spencer to get in line for hot lunch and we could pay for it later.  At that exact moment the light bulb went on in my brain and I thought about what a sucker I had been.  That kid!!!

So, when Spencer gets home from school today I immediately ask him if he had found his lunch before he came home?  He nonchalantly tells me, "oh yeah, it had fallen down in the piles of coats and bags underneath his backpack, so it was just one of those things...".  I obviously confronted him about the ruse he had pulled over on me, and of course he denied it.  Later I told Wes the whole story and he just laughed.  Geez, you'd think by the time kid number four tried to snooker me I wouldn't fall so easily for it.  Kuddos to you Spencer.  Now you can say you've had hot lunch (corn dog) and fooled your mom all in one fell swoop.  I'm loosing my edge folks.  Or, maybe I'm just getting soft.  Yikes!

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