Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable

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1.  Watching people sing.  I'm okay from a distance, say sitting in a seat of a large amphitheater or something, but if someone is singing there heart out (in a serious way) right in front of my face, I get very uncomfortable for them.  I also don't like to watch shows like American Idol or The Voice because of this.

2.  Teenage twitter relationships.  I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but the teenage crowd has left Facebook in droves, and are now hanging out on twitter.  And, since I have some teens, I have to hang out there too.  Reading the twitter feeds from teens who are slapping up sappy and pathetic statuses about their romantic relationships is amazingly awkward and painfully pathetic.

3.  Confronting people.  I've never been much of a fighter, so the idea of starting a fight with someone is not enjoyable to me.  As a child I was the peacemaker of our family, but with age and wisdom (?) I've become less placating, and more opinionated.  Still, I hate to have to tell you to your face you are wrong.  Rather, I prefer to beat around the bush until you realize it on your own.

4.  Walking around in a swimsuit.  I'm not particularly uncomfortable with my body, it is just that I am the palest creature on the planet.  So, without a tan, and with gravity starting to rear its ugly head, prancing around in public with just my swimsuit on is not my most comfortable option.  I do walk around in my swimsuit when we are on vacation, but I always keep a prayer in my heart that I will not run into anyone I know (neighbors, friends, past school associates etc...) while dressed as such.

5.  Teaching our kids to drive.  This has got to rank in my top five most dreaded parenting tasks.  I am a nervous wreck when my "permit holding" kids have been learning to drive.  I think my difficulty with it stems from being subjected to riding in the car while my older brother was learning to drive.  It was as close to death as I have ever come to, and compounded my fears of car accidents even more (I was in a few scary car wrecks as a kid).  Thankfully, Wes is very good at teaching our driver trainees, so I mostly leave this job up to him.

6.  Attempting to do the splits.  I'm not flexible.  'Nuff said.

7.  Letting strange people touch me.  I have sort of a big personal space bubble.  So, the idea of getting a massage is like the most awful thought in the world to me.  I don't want some total stranger rubbing my body parts down.  Although, oddly enough I very much okay with foot rubs and pedicures.  Go figure!

8.  The YMCA women's locker room @ 11 am.   It's chock-full of larger 80 yr old women trying to get their panties on after deep water aerobics.

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  1. Steph- I had no idea you felt the same way I do about massages. Every girl that I mention I don't like massages looks at me like I am crazy! I dont like pedicures either because i am afraid the vietnemese women are talking about my webbed toes. :-)