Thursday, January 23, 2014

If I had known...

That the elementary schools in the Sherwood School District started at 8 am each morning, I would have reconsidered moving here.

That knitting was such a therapeutic activity, I would have learned the craft much earlier.

That sporting electric blue mascara in seventh grade was not the best look for me, I would have trashed it and stuck with my tried-and-true brown mascara.

That being a mom to three teenage girls was not as horrific as everyone seems to believe it should be, I wouldn't have read all those parenting books on how to deal with your difficult teen.

That I would spend more hours in my day preparing food for my family than just about anything else, I would have learned that art of cooking in my youth.

That serving in the Young Women's presidency at church is the best calling in the world, I would have campaigned for this job a long time ago.

That our family's nightly scripture study and family prayer is often one of the most hilarious,  entertaining and sweet times of the day, I would have cut the kids a little more slack about their naughtiness during it when they were younger.

That being married to one of the funniest people you've ever met pays dividends year after year, I would have snatched him up even earlier (actually, I take that back!  I married him at 21 and that is early enough!).

That my house is always going to be a work-in-progress and will never be "done", I would have given up the idea that I'd live in a perfectly done house earlier.

That having a front loading washing machine was going to entail keeping the door to it open whenever it wasn't in use, I would have bought another top loader.


  1. What's up with your front-loader? We're on our second and haven't had any problems. If I had known how awesome minivans were I would have gotten one when I was 25!

  2. Hildie, I'm not sure if it a Pacific NW thing or not, but the washer gets a musty smell quite easily and the only remedy seems to be keeping the door open when it's not in use.